Are You Using Your Job Board in Combination with These Strategies?

Ron Stewart

Contrary to popular opinion, job boards are far from dead. It all comes down to what job boards can offer to job seekers and recruiters. 2016 has marked the age of the niche job board, where increasingly individuals are looking to target a certain subset of people, whether that’s people who live in a certain county or are looking for a job in a certain industry,

But are job boards the only way?

Job boards are still the most popular method of recruitment, but there are additional ways you can increase their effectiveness. Job boards have long been popular because they compile all results in one place. Job seekers are looking for convenience, and if they’re using a niche jobs board, for example for construction or medical jobs, they’re much more likely to find a suitable job that matches with their skills, experience and qualifications.

However, relying solely on job boards can place you at a disadvantage. You can’t deny the reality of thehidden jobs market, and that increasingly more jobs are being recruited through social media or prospectively — whether that’s potential employees contacting companies or vice versa. But this doesn’t mean that recruiters can’t use the “old-fashioned” job board in combination with these new tools to maximise the effectiveness of their existing recruitment strategy.

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