10 Most Tricky HR Questions

Dante Munnis

You made the right decision and chose to have your CV written by a specialist. As a reward, you finally got that expected phone call booking an interview at your favourite company. Congratulations!

However, even though you have constantly dreamed about it, it is completely understandable if fear invades you just after you hung up. Interviews can be very unsettling as you have no idea of what they will ask you.

As preparation is the key in these situations, check out our list with the 10 most tricky interview questions that a Human Resources team can come up with. And best of luck!

1 - What is your biggest weakness?

The most famous tricky question of them all is certainly this one. As a favourite of any interviewer, you should be prepared to answer it in a positive way. And all that you have to do is to talk about something that is considered as a weakness but that have a positive outcome – some of the best options available are to say that you get impatient when you can’t meet your goals, or that you are a perfectionist, because you want your work to be flawless.

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