20 of the strangest interview questions you’ll hear this year

Christian Schappel

This appears to be the year of the oddball interview question. First, there was the NFL Combine and its litany of crazy scouting questions. Now, there’s this …

Job site Glassdoor, which allows job candidates to post the questions companies are asking them, just released a list entitled, “Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions for 2016.”

To compile the list, it combed through hundreds of thousands of interview questions shared on its site by job seekers within the United States.

Here’s what made the 2016 top 10 (keep reading for the Canadian list):

  1. “When a hot dog expands, in which direction does it split and why?”
    Company: Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). Job title: Propulsion structural analyst.
  2. “Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?”
     Company: Whole Foods Market. Job title: Meat cutter.
  3. “If you’re the CEO, what are the first three things you check about the business when you wake up?” Company: Dropbox. Job title: Dropbox rotation program.


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