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Turn your Smart Phone from a Toy to a Tool: New Technology Can Put Information in the Hands of Employees Anytime, Anywhere on Any Mobile Device

Welcome to 21st century safety where mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) can be used for more than texting, finding directions on the GPS and catching Pokémon. Safety procedures, guidance documents, checklists, JSA’s, etc. can be available for employees anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. In 2020 over 50% of the workforce will be Generation X and Generation Y; they have lived with mobile devices in their hands since childhood. Even more amazing, proud parent/grandparents have posted photos on Facebook of their Generation Z babies holding a smart phone in the crib.

Organizations can take advantage of new technologies available today and turn their mobile devices from toys to information and training tools by engaging with employees at their location. No longer is it necessary to be tethered to electricity (desk-tops and e-learning); break free of that power-cord and “think mobile.” This technology is not coming; it is here and you do not need to be a computer programmer to take advantage of it.

Why our DIY MOBI mobile web app platform is beneficial:
• All this can be completed without IT support. (Worth repeating). All this can be completed without IT support.
• You have 24/7 control of your content to change and adapt as you move through your own customized back-end dashboard.
• Changes on a mobile web app can be made quickly. Unlike a downloadable native app, no third-party approval is needed to push the content to your organization (i.e. Apple/I-phone).
• The cost to develop a mobile web app and the time required to build a mobile web app is far less that a native app, which must be downloaded.
• Users do not need to download any software; your site is easily accessed through a link (emailed or texted) or QR Code on any smartphone.
• The mobile web apps created are also available to be viewed on smart phones, tablets and desktops. ALL devices. The reverse is not true. Desktop viewing does not always convert to mobile device formats.

So, “why can’t I just look at a website on my cell phone?” Unless it has been built for mobile viewing it is not likely to be user friendly. With mobile design, the size of the lettering adjusts to the screen size, pinching and horizontal scrolling is not necessary and all information is included without web content ‘dropping-off.’ You can convert all types of documents (PDF,s, Word, Excel spreadsheets, video, etc.) into mobile-friendly formats for viewing on smart-phones and tablets. You can build a mobile friendly and responsive web app in minutes for training and communication or storing safety content that is usually located in notebooks on the bookshelves. Because 60% of the American workforce is not behind a computer, employees need information outside of the safety department and they need it in real-time. Your mobile web app supports your initiatives and does not replace your current company site.

Using the same mobile dashboard, you can send a text message or email campaigns. Mobile ‘touches’ and reminders keep employees engaged with safety. Plus, providing access to time-critical information is a guaranteed, fast and easy way to improve your workplace safety program and build your safety culture.

21st Century Safety is a woman owned, small business located at the Central Florida Research Park in Orlando, FL. Contact us for a 10 minute demonstration of our solutions and a free trial. For a sample text DIYMOBI to 56512
21st Century Safety, Inc.
Dr. Isabel Perry
3259 Progress Drive Suite 148
Orlando FL 32826
United States
21st Century Safety, Inc. Dr. Isabel Perry
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