3 Ways to Stand Out Among 1 Million Applicants

Marillyn Hewson

In this series, professionals share their hiring secrets. Read the stories here, then write your own (use #HowIHire in the body of your post).

On average, Lockheed Martin receives approximately one million job applications a year, from which we hire about 10,000 employees — about 1 percent. We work very hard to make sure we are getting the right 1 percent from that very large pool of talent.

Certainly, a well-written resume, a professional appearance, and an attentive demeanor (put that phone away before walking into the interview, please) all help make your case as an attractive candidate.

However, when I hire, there are three crucial pieces of information that tell me something I can't easily learn from a résumé. These factors help me gauge how a potential employee will fit into our broader organization, and how successful he or she will be later in their careers.

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