4 Job Search Myths To Stop Believing Now


There are numerous misconceptions associated with the job search process; some of them used to be true, and are now outdated, while others have always been misguided information. To be successful in your job search, you need to stop believing these myths and focus on effective strategies:

Myth #1 - My resume shouldn’t exceed one page.

Fact - The length of your resume depends on how seasoned you are in your career.

If you’re a new graduate or have only had a few jobs so far, you might be able to stick to a one page resume. Otherwise, having a layout that is organized and draws attention to the most important information is more valuable than page length. Looking for more resume tips to help you get noticed? Read 6 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting You Interviews.

Myth #2 - Cover letters aren’t as important as other job hunting materials.

Fact - When you apply for a job, you should always send a cover letter, unless the job description specifically outlines not to.

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