4 Ways to Become Known as a Career Builder—and Not a Job Hopper

Rachel Bitte

It’s completely normal to change jobs every few years. The days when people clocked in and out at the same company for years (and years) on end are over—no one expects that anymore. In fact, you might even be judged if you stick around the same company for too long.

And yes, with all this moving around, people don’t develop the same kind of loyalty that comes with working at the same firm for 25 years. Again, that’s OK. What’s not OK is bouncing around from position to position, leaving the job the second you get bored.

Why? Because you’ll earn a reputation as a job hopper, and after you hop one too many times, employers will start to worry that you’re not taking your career seriously. A 24-year-old exploring her options is fine. A 34-year-old who’s had a different job every year since graduation, not so much. Read more

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