5 Things Keeping You From Being Happy at Work

Alp Mimaroglu

First comes denial. Then anger. You even try to bargain. When that doesn’t work, you become discouraged. Finally, you accept it: You’re not as satisfied with your work as you want to be.

It could be your job, your office environment or even extenuating circumstances in your personal life. Whatever the case -- you’re not alone. A recent study showed that 52.3 percent of people want more from their work. So what can you do to remedy the situation? The first step to solving a problem is figuring out the root cause.

Here are five of the biggest things keeping you from being happy at work -- and what you can do about them

1. You’re don’t feel passionate.

If you feel a lack of passion at your job, you might want to ask yourself -- “Am I good at my job?” Seriously, answer this question as honestly as you can. Some jobs grow on you over time. Proficiency may be the key to unlocking passion at work.

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