5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do Before Sending Your Resume

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If you could choose between a beautifully tailored outfit designed to fulfil all of your wildest fashion dreams or a ready-to-wear baggy tee from some random retailer, which would you pick? That’s a rhetorical question. You’d obviously want that tailored outfit. Did I mention it comes with bespoke pockets? Well, it does.

In the age of personalization, we want everything to be made to fit us. So, why would we expect a hiring manager to want anything different when they get a stack of resumes in response to a job offer? See here’s the rub. Whenever a hiring manager posts a job offer, they receive 250+ other resumes on average in response. From that pile, they need to find the one diamond that shines brighter than all the others.

How can you expect your resume to shine bright like a diamond (yes, I just quoted Rihanna) if you send in a generic resume that you didn’t tailor to the job offer? You can’t. Plain and simple. I know, you probably think that tailoring a resume is a difficult and time-consuming process. Here’s what I have to say to you – no, no it is not. Not if you make a good use of the infographic by Uptowork – Your Resume Builder below and use the following tips:

Starting off on the right foot: a master resume

You probably don’t realize it, but there’s a good chance you already have the makings of a master resume. Do you have a working resume that you want to revamp? That’s almost the same thing as a master resume. All you need to do is add all of your work experience, skills, and information. Everything. Once you’ve done that, you have a document from which you can pick and choose the most relevant skills and experience for your tailored resume. Having everything in one place, to begin with, will make things easier when you start to tailor your new resume.

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