5 Times Taking a Pay Cut Can Make You Richer

Caroline Banton
Money shouldn’t be the only motivator when deciding on a career, and taking a job solely because the pay is appealing can increase the likelihood that the job will not work for you in the long run. Moreover, a potential employer will most likely sense if you’re not passionate about your role.

“During a recent conversation with a candidate, it became clear that his primary motivation was a pay raise,” said Amy Perrone, a recruiter and vice president of Shelli Herman & Associates. “It was a big red flag. Taking a job primarily for money is a poor short-term objective that, once achieved, has negative long-term implications for everyone involved.”

Perrone said that a smart job seeker is motivated by opportunity and fit, as money can lose its appeal very quickly. If you’re considering a career change, here are five instances in which taking a pay cut could actually be to your advantage.
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