5 Tips For A Better Cover Letter

Heather Huhman

Max knows he needs to draft a cover letter that is going to catch a hiring manager’s attention. He’s written a few cover letters in the past and is considering reusing them with some minor adjustments.

While Max thinks — and even some hiring managers say — a cover letter is a waste of time, plenty of employers still require a cover letter at the beginning of the hiring process.

Here are five ways you can make your cover letter stand out amongst the rest:

1. Mirror the language in the job posting.

One of the sneakiest ways of writing a cover letter that speaks to the hiring manager is by mirroring the language in the job posting. If the job description says they are looking for someone that can work on their own, Max should write in his cover letter that he works well without supervision.

By mentioning specific skills or traits that the job description lists, Max shows he took the time to draft a cover letter specifically for the company to which he is applying. It is also a way for him to directly address what the company is looking for and how he is best qualified for the job.

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