5 Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Kitty Boitnott

If you are job hunting, and you have ever asked someone to look at your resume, you may already have discovered one truth: everyone has an opinion. My experience has been that anyone who has ever worked in Human Resources or who has ever been a recruiter, as well as anyone who offers themselves as a career or job search coach, will have something to say. Furthermore, more often than not, the advice will be contradictory. What to do?

I always advise my clients that it is just a fact that people will offer their best advice with the best of intentions. At the end of the day, however, the resume is your document, and it represents YOU, so make sure you feel comfortable with it. You should feel proud of the impression it creates for you. DO NOT pay hundreds of dollars to an “expert resume writer” thinking that having someone else do it for you take you off the hook. Oh no, you are still responsible for what it says, and you need to be able to explain it and stand by every part of it in case any questions come up.

I believe that everyone has a responsibility to learn how to write their resume and keep it up to date just the way most people keep their checkbooks balanced. Wait…that may not be the best example…but you get what I mean. You are the one who needs to be able to explain your aspirations as well as your work history. If you had little to do with the writing of your resume, you might be headed for trouble.

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