5 Ways To Customize Your Resume

Donna Fuscaldo

Even with the job market heating up, your resume can still make or break you. Long gone are the days when you could simply write an objective and list your experience in chronological order and sit back and wait for the hiring manager to call you. These days you need to tell a story with your resume and be able to showcase how you can solve the problem you’re potential job is aiming to fix.

“The number one strategy at any stage of a job search is to do research on the company and its needs,” says Anne Messenger, president of Career Management Pros. “Why? Because having this information makes a candidate more competitive.”

When it comes to crafting a resume that will get the attention of hiring managers there are some key ingredients it’s going to have to include. From communicating how you can help to quantifying your accomplishments, here’s a look at five ways to ensure your resume doesn’t land at the bottom of the heap.

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