50 Google Searches to Avoid Layoffs and Bad Employers

Susan P. Joyce

What you don’t know about your employer (or a potential employer) can hurt you badly!

Being uninformed today is a dangerous habit. Companies go out of business or have layoffs. Best not to be the last employee hired before the layoffs begin.

If you are employed, stay informed about what is being published on the web about your employer. Use that information for career management and for financial self defense.

If your employer seems to be having a tough time, start thinking about moving on to another employer. Read Job-Hunt’s free Layoff Self-Defense ebook for suggestions about how to prepare to move on easily and smoothly.

If you are unemployed, stay informed about potential employers so you can avoid pursuing employment with an employer who may stop hiring or may provide only short-term employment. You don't want to be job hunting again very soon (right?).

Below, find 50 search queries in 5 categories of information that can be strong indicators of pending layoffs. Your mileage may vary. Companies with excellent management or very good luck can recover from setbacks, but not every company has excellent management or great luck.

Use Google Search for Career Self-Defense

Millions of business opportunities and threats happen all the time. Fortunately, it is easier to be well-informed today than ever, with technology (aka, Google).

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