6 Cover Letter Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make


When applying for a job, your cover letter can either help you stand out over other candidates or send your application to the trash bin. From addressing your cover letter to the wrong company or bad mouthing a former boss, we’ve put together a list of mistakes job seekers can’t afford to make when it comes to cover letters:

Addressing the wrong company and contact

Before we get into the content of your cover letter, be sure you don’t address a cover letter to the wrong contact or organization. Try your best to find the name of the hiring manager so you can address it to a specific contact rather than addressing it to the hiring manager. If your cover letter doesn’t include accurate information, including the position being applied for, it might get thrown into the reject pile.

Having a generic objective

If your cover includes an objective about how you want to find a full-time position with a reputable company with advancement opportunities, take a number. Using valuable space on your cover letter with obvious information isn’t going to help you land an interview. Instead, use this space to focus on the position being applied to and how you’re the right candidate for the job.

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