7 Reasons to Run, Not Walk, From the Job Offer

Vicki Salemi

As a job seeker, the goal is to get your foot in the door, ace that interview, land the job and power through negotiations.

Well, not in every case.

Keeping in mind that the interview is your opportunity to quiz your potential employers while retaining your power as they evaluate you, it’s not always such a good move to accept a job offer. While it may feel like a victory lap if you’re looking to get out of your current role, or if you’ve been on the bench seeking to get back into the job market, entering a potential no-win situation will only leave you with a new problem on your hands. Or, rather a continual one: Looking for yet another job.

If you’re in dire need of a paycheck no matter what, then proceed at your own risk. But if you can afford to be selective and strategic, then think twice before accepting the offer (especially if you find out during your research that the company is in bad shape and recently completed a round of layoffs).

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