7 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind When It's Time to Choose Who Gets Promoted

Sherrie Campbell

Staying stagnant in any career is not ideal. Have you noticed that once you have reached and found success at your current level that you naturally become curious about what is next? It is human nature to strive for more. To ensure you get that promotion, commit to following your desires to reach those next levels on your career path. Let being promoted be a goal you set within yourself to further your career, your personal development and your reputation. Good news is, being promoted is largely under your own power. If you want to expand your role in your career, then there are certain things you must do to show you are worthy.

1. Have a great attitude.

Attitude is the necessary x-factor in advancing your career. Live from a place of inspiration, excitement and hope. This type of attitude gives you the strength to never give up, no matter the challenges you face. It allows you to look at failures as blessings in disguise. Having a great attitude shows you believe in your abilities. Emotions are contagious; when you believe in your abilities everyone around you will believe in your abilities as well. Your belief in yourself not only impacts you, and the way you look at the world, but more importantly it affects your environment and the people around you.

What stands out about any person the most is their attitude. You get noticed when you are focused on solutions, rather than problems. Let every cell of your body express the belief that you expect success and not failure. Being focused in this way helps you see, recognize and seize opportunities others may not.

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