9 Ways To Prepare For Your Second-Round Job Interview

Lisa Quast

Getting a second interview means you’re perceived as having the right skills, but the company wants to get to know you better. They want to dig a little deeper into your background and also assess if you’d be a good fit culturally.

But this is also a perfect time for you to get to know them better as a potential employer and determine if they are the right fit for you.

How can you best prepare? Below, nine members of Forbes Coaches Council offer their professional advice:

1. Have More Detail To Add

Just because this is your second interview doesn’t mean it will be with the same people as round No. 1. This means you must keep the key points that have gotten you this far front and center — but add additional detail in the form of specifics and stories that bring these talents to life for your audience. - Virginia Franco, Virginia Franco Resumes

2. Know The Players

The first round is about technical ability: Can you do the job? Round 2 is about fit: Do you want to do the job and do they want to work with you? Find out in advance who you will be interviewing with. Connect on LinkedIn LNKD -0.04%; see who and what you have in common. Seek to build rapport and have a conversation beyond the job. Ask about their experiences at the company. Show them you will fit right in. - Michelle Tillis Lederman, Executive Essentials

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