Do You Have A Job, A Career, Or A Calling?

Ron Thomas

“I had just gotten laid off and could not find work even with an MBA. My husband was an attorney who did not like being an attorney.”

“I became a CPA because my mom and dad said that accountants will never be out of work.”

“I became an attorney because my family are all attorneys. However, my first job as attorney, I knew at the end of that first day, I could never do this for the rest of my life.”

The first quoted person now owns a successful lunch food truck along with her husband and they are the happiest they have ever been.

The CPA is now a career coach.

The attorney is now a fashion editor for a major fashion magazine.

Finding your sweet spot

Three cases and three different outcomes. However, the overriding theme is that they started a job/career and realized that it was not for them. These are just three examples, but we all know there are numerous others.

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