Don't Reject Yourself In A Job Search

Robert Hellmann

If you want to speed up your job search, adopt the mindset of a successful salesperson. Sales professionals know a few things about rejection that can help jobseekers. They know you shouldn't assume rejection if you haven’t heard back from a prospect. They know that it’s often possible to overcome an apparent rejection or hesitations about the services you are offering. And they know how to skillfully keep in touch when there’s no interest now.

Many of my new job search clients, however, are too quick to see rejection and give up. They explain away their long searches by saying things like “they never got back to me,” or “they turned me down so that’s that” or “we lost touch.” When I hear these explanations, I think about missed opportunities.

If you can adopt the mindset of a sales professional, you'll shorten your search through seeing and creating new opportunity in the face of rejection. Here are some examples that illustrate how you can adopt this sales mindset in a job search.

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