Employed or Unemployed, Here is What You Need to Succeed in 2016

Ryder Cullison

A new year brings with it hope for new opportunities so if you are looking for a job, thinking about quitting or want to remain where you are at and reach the top, you will benefit from the following articles.

Finding a job is more difficult if you get a lousy recruiter. Be on the lookout for these lies they often tell. From “I don’t have the job spec” to “I need to know your salary information”, be careful not to fall for these five fibs which might derail your job search.

The first week of January is the most popular time to apply for a job according to Monster but if you get an offer that’s not a great fit, how do you turn it down without burning bridges with the hiring manager? This article explains how best to handle the situation professionally and ensure those bridges with the hiring manager and company remain unscathed.

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