Game-Changing Skills To Include On Your Resume (Hint: Not Microsoft Office!)

Eileen Hoenigman Meyer

Popular resume templates and HR pros prompt job seekers to include a list of strategic skills on their resume. Think of this section as a moment to show off a bit. From Java to Final Cut Pro, speaking Arabic to spearheading 150% growth, be sure to include not only the relevant skills that make you a perfect fit for the role, but also the skills that make you stand out.

Take note, command of Microsoft Office is not a skill. It’s a given.

Before grabbing your laptop to edit, follow these five steps to make your resume really shine:

Step 1: Tailor your list.
Decide how your skill set fits with the particular job you’re targeting. If you are applying to work at an international organization and you are a seasoned world traveler who speaks several languages, both your language skills and your international experience are extremely relevant. That’s a no brainer.

If, on the other hand, the opportunity you are pursuing does not have an international component, your language skills are still relevant to list, but your world travel experience can be cut. Save precious resume-real estate for only the most pertinent details.

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Step 2: Highlight tech skills.
Being tech savvy will always be of interest. However, it’s also a given these days. To distinguish yourself from the pack, be specific so recruiters know exactly what tools you can command.

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