Get Off on the Right Foot – 6 Tips for Starting a New Job

Susan Gulliford CPRW

As someone in the healthcare field, you might take advantage of the new job opportunities available. Consider these employment facts for February 2016:

  • Hospitals added 11,000 jobs
  • Ambulatory health services jobs increased by 24,000
  • Healthcare and social assistance led all other industries in jobs created

Job changes always carry certain risks. From my time as a recruiter (both for internal and agency candidates), I noticed that when people took certain steps, they increased their odds of a successful job change.

  1. Get Clear Expectations – When I was a recruiter, I advised every single candidate to get a clear understanding of what the hiring organization expected from a new hire in the first 90 days and how that company defined someone who was successful in the position. If you did not address expectations in the interview, do it before you accept an offer. Reject any job offer that is not a good fit.

  2. Leave the Word “You” Behind – When I recruited for internal positions, I noticed that new hires, particularly those people who left a job they had been with for many years, kept referring to how “you people do things.” Sometimes people thought it was okay to reference the environment at their last employer (hint: It wasn’t). Immerse yourself. You are part of a new team now, so avoid thinking about yourself as apart from everyone else.
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