Getting Past 'Overqualified' in a Job Interview

Anne Fisher

Hiring managers often doubt that anyone really wants to take a step “down.” Here’s how to convince them.

Dear Annie: Your recent article about changing careers after age 50 really hit home with me. At 54, I’ve been a senior manager in a couple of big ad agencies for the past 18 years. But before this, I loved doing the hands-on creative work — coming up with ideas, writing copy, shooting ads, and working directly with people like clients and videographers. I miss all that, and I’d like to go back to it, instead of leading and mentoring people who do it.

There’s just one problem, and it’s a big one. Job interviewers seem to doubt I’d be happy taking a step “down,” maybe because it would naturally involve a pay cut (which at this point I can well afford). Leaving my management experience off my resume altogether would create a huge gap. Any suggestions? — Not “Overqualified”

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