Have You Stayed Too Long in Your Current Role?

Tim Roche, Regional Practice Leader

In my blog Career Planning: Aren't You Worth the Investment? I discussed why it's critical to treat your career as an investment and how to examine your current job fit. Now, let's move from "who you are" to "where you are," exploring such issues as: Have you given your current role too little or too much time? Is the culture a good fit or a tight squeeze for you?

What is your career stage?

Every role requires a level of mastery. The scope and scale associated with the role defines its complexity which, in turn, impacts the time to reach role mastery. For example, a sales management role responsible for a single industry segment in a single geography with no direct reports and a sales target of $2m is easier to get your arms around than a role with accountability across six industry segments and eight geographies with eight direct reports and sales targets of $16m.
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