How Promotions Really Work: The No-Nonsense Guide to Progressing Your Career

Lindsay Kolowich

Think of the people you've worked with over the years who have really, really kicked butt at their job but never seemed to rise up the ranks. They delivered on every task that was asked of them, demonstrated great work ethic, kept out of petty office politics, stayed late at the office -- basically, they ticked off every box from those articles you've read on how to get promoted.

So ... why weren't they? And if they weren't promoted, then is there any hope in the world for you?

Yes, yes there is. It turns out that, for the most part, being great at your job itself isn't what gets you a promotion. It takes a lot more than that to climb that corporate ladder -- including careful planning, strategy, good timing, thorough execution, and humility.

In a competitive environment, how do you get that promotion you've been eyeing? Let's take a deeper dive into how promotions actually work and the steps you can take to plan and negotiate for one.

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