How To Answer 5 Tricky Job Interview Questions

Peggy McKee

Why do hiring managers ask tricky job interview questions? They ask because for them, hiring you is a risk. They try to minimize the risk by asking questions designed to uncover problems with you or your qualifications. Answer them well, and they will feel comfortable offering you the job.

Here are five tricky job interview questions you should be ready to answer:

Tricky Question #1 – Tell Me About Yourself

This is commonly asked in social settings, so many people respond with a social answer—this is a big mistake.

Always answer this question as if you were answering “Why should we hire you?” because that’s what they’re really asking. What will matter most to them? 

  • Your education or experience?
  • Your skills? Maybe you’re a great communicator, a fast problem-solver or a skilled motivator.
  • Your achievements or awards?


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