How to create a lasting impression with your CV

Guest Author

If you are looking to land that dream job then your CV needs to make a big impression on everyone who sees it. You need a CV that quickly demonstrates your value to employers and creates a sense of urgency that will have recruiters queuing up to interview you.

Create a flawlessly professional image

With recruiters receiving an average of 118 CVs per job vacancy, a professional appearance is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. Your CV is your marketing material for your services, so if looks sloppy or untidy, it’s unlikely to get you shortlisted for interview. Take the time to make sure your CV looks immaculate by using a clean and simple font, a professional title heading and clear section headings and dividers.

Build an easy-to-read structure

Recruiters and hiring managers tend to be very busy and often review hundreds of CVs every week. For this reason, it’s very important to make your CV easy to skim read and pick out the key information they need. Keep your CV to around 2 pages in length and break the information up using short paragraphs and plenty of bullet points. Avoid writing big long chunks of text as they will make your CV very unappealing to read and difficult for readers to find the requirements that they are looking for. Start your CV with a punchy profile to draw readers in, then list your roles in a well-structured manner and be sure to show the impact you have made on previous employers.

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