How to Explain Employment Gaps On Your Resume


If you have long gaps in your work history, it can make job searching that much more overwhelming and stressful. There are many reasons why you might have a gap in your employment history; from being laid off to taking time off to raise children.

Unfortunately, having gaps in your employment history can be a showstopper for hiring managers reviewing your resume – if they don’t know why it’s there. Whatever the reasons may be, the following tips can help you feel confident and prepared in addressing gaps in your employment history:

Acknowledge it.

When you’re crafting your cover letter as part of your application, take the time to briefly explain the gap and reason for the period of unemployment. You can address the gap in more detail in the job interview.

Have an answer prepared.

You’ve made it to a job interview with an employment gap on your resume – now what? If the gap is longer than a three month period, be prepared to address it. Before going to the interview, prepare how you’re going to answer the questions when it comes up. 

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