How To Keep A Casual Eye On The Job Market

Virginia Franco

There are many job seekers in today’s market who are somewhat satisfied with their current role, but who would certainly entertain a discussion should that perfect role appear on the horizon.

While it is true that some amazing jobs literally fall into people’s laps, this is the exception to the rule. For your best shot at finding out about an opportunity that is too good to pass up, these six steps can help:

1. Review Job Postings Semi Regularly

Check in somewhat regularly on job postings. Better yet – set up job alerts that come directly to your email. While the return on your investment of a job hunt focused strictly on job boards is not likely to yield huge dividends, these sites do offer insight into which companies are hiring (and which ones are not).

Reviewing job postings can also prove helpful in developing a list of organizations to target. Once the list is compiled, next steps include identifying who is in your network that works there, or who you might know that knows someone else, in order to construct a professional network to help you get the inside track on jobs or get your foot in the door.

2. Keep Up Appearances On LinkedIn

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is not merely current but 100% complete. LinkedIn refers to this as “All-Star Status.”

3. Get Active On LinkedIn

While there is no need to be active to the point where you feel like a social media stalker, a stagnant account does appear lower in the feeds of your connections than it would with some regular activity of engagement.

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