How To Nail Your Cover Letter

Jim Raychrudhury

If you really want the job you’ve been dreaming about, you’ll need to put forth a little more effort. Most employers expect to see a cover letter with every submitted resume. They are no longer optional. Even if they were, why would you pass up an opportunity to explain why you’re perfect for the job? This is your chance to showcase your personality and convince the employer to call you as opposed to any other applicant.

The last thing you want to do is lie on your resume or cover letter. Hiring managers want to hire you, not a representation of what you think they want. All lies will eventually come out. The cover letter is a chance to explain everything that won’t fit on your resume and present yourself as the perfect candidate. Now that you realize how important it is, here are some tips to boost the quality of your cover letter and get your dream job!

Address your letter to the right person

This may take a little research on your part, but if it’s at all possible, address your cover letter to a specific person. “To Whom It May Concern” is not only overused, but it shows a lack of effort. It’s especially embarrassing if you use this and the name of the manager is in the job ad. It shows you just don’t care. That’s not the impression you want to give.

Call the company and get the name of the person the application is going to. Taking this extra step will not only show that you are sincere about getting the job, but you respect the manager enough to find out his or her name. Doing your research also help avoid embarrassing mistakes such as addressing your letter to a Mr. Chris Smith, when Chris is actually a woman.

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