How to Use Job Boards for Your Job Search

Angie Best-Boss RN

Job boards can be an integral part of your job search. Job boards are quite simply a collection of job openings gathered together in one place. Human resource professionals often recommend following the 10-20-70 rule. Only spend about 10% of your job search time responding to online ads and job boards, 20% of your time interacting with recruiters, and 70% to in-person, phone, and online networking. Building relationships is always the best way to open doors. Sometimes, however, you have to start cold, and job boards can get your feet in the door.

Know Where to Look is an example of a niche healthcare job board

There are the mega job boards that are broad-based sites for all industries like Monster and SimplyHired, and there are job boards specifically targeting your niche field such for the healthcare field. Obviously, the more targeted your search, the more likely you are to find the job that meets your expectations. Targeted boards often list positions that don’t appear on some of the larger, more general boards.

Maximize Your Inbox

Most job boards give you the opportunity to sign up for email alerts when a job pops up that meets your criteria so you don’t have to check each board multiple times a day. Make sure you can narrow down your search specifics so you aren’t bombarded with emails for jobs in which you aren’t interested. You are having these sent to your personal email address and not a work address, of course.

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