Job seekers: The Startling Truth About How Much Your College Education is Really Worth!

Ryder Cullison

Forget how much your college degree is worth for a second and think about how much it cost.  If you don’t know because your parents footed the bill, as did mine, I will tell you.  The average yearly tuition costs graduation-879941_640plus room and board for an in-state student attending a four year public university is more than $18,000 for 2013-2014.  The fee increases by two to four percent every year so today’s graduate will spend a cool $75,000 by the time they cross the stage and that’s if they get out in four years!  Perhaps even more gut churning is the cost of attending a private institution which will run you north of $40,000 a year.  You do the math for how much that diploma will cost.

So is going to college, especially to a prestigious private institution, really worth it?  Recent research suggests that hiring managers spend only about six seconds reviewing a candidate’s resume.  During that brief time they examine the candidate’s name, their most recent work experience and their education credentials.  I’m going to suggest that a whopping two of those six seconds is actually spent analyzing where the candidate obtained their $72,000+ education. A recent survey by Gallup of over 600 U.S. business leaders shows that 84% of them feel that the amount of knowledge a candidate has in a particular field to be “very important” compared to only 9% who feel that where a job candidate went to school to be “very important”.  Conversely 40% feel that where a candidate went to school to be “not very important”.  How’s that prestigious private pedigree feeling now?  Perhaps you’re feeling like maybe you or your parents overspent a bit on your education.  At least your stellar G.P.A. will reflect positively on you right?  Well maybe not.

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