Lack of career development tempting nearly two-thirds to leave employer

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Research reveals untrained managers ill-equipped to hold career conversations.

Managers are ill-equipped to have career conversations with their direct reports, with nearly a third (31%) saying their organisation doesn’t provide people management training for managers according to research launched today by Penna, the global people management business.

When asked how satisfied they are with the level of career development they are receiving, employees gave a measly five out of ten for their current organisations. And its little wonder, given that only around one in four managers surveyed said they are confident in talking about difficult career conversation topics such as salary (23%), delayed promotions (26%) and aspirations versus current abilities (29%) with members of their team.

It’s a serious business issue, as nearly two thirds (63%) of employees said that a lack of career development with their current employer would very much - or possibly - be enough to make them start looking for a new job. Unsurprising perhaps when you consider that more than a third of managers (36%) even admitted to not knowing what their direct reports’ career goals over the next 12 months are.

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