Learn to Dance and Other Job-Hunting Secrets

Lou Adler

In the past 30 years, on more than one thousand different search projects, I must have debriefed four thousand different hiring managers and candidates. The big aha from all this: getting a job is as much art as science, with a lot of luck mixed in. Regardless, by knowing what to do and not to do, job seekers can better position themselves to be found more easily, be assessed more accurately, and get an offer more likely. Following is my shortlist of the required dance steps. (Here’s a video intro to the full lesson.)

Increase Your Chances to Be Found


  • Implement a 20/20/60 job-seeking plan. Only 20% of your effort should be spent on applying to jobs, another 20% on making sure your resume and profile are easy to find, and the balance on networking.
  • Give yourself a 10-second review. Look at your resume for 10 seconds and circle everything that stands out. Since this is how much time a recruiter takes to decide to read your resume, make sure the first line is compelling and your track record stands out.
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