Resume Mistakes: 32 You Are Possibly Making

Ryder Cullison

Every week I see a new post about resume mistakes. Some have five tips, others have seven, one I saw listed twenty-two and another author labeled their paper-523235_640mistakes as “Mega”! This particular post, on Business Insider, was apparently so important or popular that they published and re-published it nine times over a three year period.

Your resume won’t get you a job. Your resume may get you a phone screen or a video interview and on the basis of those maybe a face to face but on average a recruiter won’t spend more than a minute looking at your resume. Some may invest only six seconds. Getting your resume right is imperative because the slightest misstep may cause the overworked recruiter to pitch your crumpled up resume through the basketball hoop suction cupped above their waste bin. I’ve looked at numerous posts and compiled the many mistakes you need to avoid. Take a deep breath. Here we go.

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