Salary Budgets Expected to Rise 3% in 2017

Stephen Miller, CEBS

Based on preliminary salary budget projections for 2017, organizations in the U.S. are planning to boost pay by around 3 percent on average—as they did in 2016.

In July, WorldatWork, an association of total rewards professionals, released top-level results from its 2016-2017 Salary Budget Survey, which received a total of 5,759 responses from among the group's members, who were asked how much they are planning on increasing base pay throughout their organizations in the upcoming year.

In the table below, the "mean" is the mathematical average while the "median" is the middle value after listing reported budget increases expectations in successive order. Outliers, or extreme values on either the high or low end, have the biggest effect on the mean and less effect on the median.

Aggregated across all Canadian employee categories, regions and industries, the average total salary budget increase is 2.6 percent in 2016, a reduction from the 2.8 percent budgeted in 2015 and short of the 2.9 projected for this year, WorldatWork reports.

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