Say Thanks Even If You Don't Get the Job

Ryan Lee

Part of being a good job seeker is having good manners. Saying thank you after your initial interaction with employers is part of what you should be doing. Recently I was introduced to an entrepreneur named Ryan Lee. After subscribing to his newsletter he sent out the following message which I thought was a good lesson to share.

Every job seeker can learn from this story.

Since I announced this (my job opening) about two weeks ago, we been flooded with hundreds of applications.

But because each person had to write a letter AND record a short video, I want to give each application a lot of thought. I wanted to be respectful and not just dismiss people quickly. It's taking me a lot of time.

Printing out the letters. Watching the videos multiple times. And
taking the time to reply to each person (I still have about 100 to go.. so if you applied and didn't hear back from me yet - please be patient).

Because it's so competitive and I don't want to waste anyones time, I've been letting applicants know if they made it to the next round (and if they didn't make it).

Here's here's what's surprising.

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