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Evren Esen
March 2017 OverviewManufacturingServices
Employment Expectations: In March, the hiring rate will rise in manufacturing and decrease in services compared with a year ago.

Recruiting Difficulty: In February, recruiting difficulty dropped in both manufacturing and services compared with a year ago.

New-Hire Compensation: In February, the index for new-hire compensation rose in both manufacturing and services compared with a year ago.


Employment Expectations

In March, hiring rates will vary compared with a year ago

In March 2017, employment will grow at 59.0 percent of manufacturing firms and decline at 6.5 percent. The resulting net increasing index of 52.41 (59.0 - 6.5) suggests faster employment growth in manufacturing than in March 2016 (42.6).

In March 2017, employment levels will grow at 48.8 percent of service-sector firms and decline at 7.7 percent of firms, producing a net increasing index of 41.1 (48.8 - 7.7), which suggests slower service-sector employment growth than in March 2016 (48.3). The lower employment expectations index for the service sector suggests that in March 2017 U.S. private sector employment growth will be smaller than the 189,002 jobs that were added in March 2016.

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