SHRM Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE)

Evren Esen
May 2017 OverviewManufacturingServices
Employment Expectations: In May, the hiring rate will rise in both manufacturing and services compared with a year ago.

Recruiting Difficulty: In April, recruiting difficulty increased in manufacturing, but decreased in services compared with a year ago.

New-Hire Compensation: In April, the index for new-hire compensation declined in manufacturing and rose in services compared with a year ago.


Employment Expectations

In May, hiring rates rose in both sectors compared with a year ago

In May 2017, employment will grow at 62.4 percent of manufacturing firms and decline at 6.8 percent. The resulting net increasing index of 55.6 (62.4 - 6.8) suggests faster employment growth in manufacturing than in May 2016 (48.1).
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