SHRM study reveals the perk employers are leaning on


(Bloomberg) Wages are still stagnant, yet employers have found something else to help attract and retain employees: health-care benefits. A good insurance plan has become a more vital tool than ever for hiring, according to a recent survey from the Society of Human Resources.

In general, the study found, companies are leaning on benefits to woo current and potential employees. Of the 460 human resources professionals in the survey, 33% said that in the last year their organisations used benefits of some kind—ranging from paid leave to wellness programs—to keep employees at all levels from leaving the company. That marks a surge from just 18% who relied on benefits to retain staff in 2012.

Of all the perks, however, health care was by far the most frequently used for employee retention. A full 80% of HR professionals in the survey cited health benefits, more than retirement and vacation, as a way to keep talent, up from 58% in 2012.

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