Start Your New Job on the Right Foot

Bonnie Johnson

You've landed a job and set your start date; what do you need to know to make sure you start on the right foot? Your first days and weeks on the job can set the tone for your success or failure with the organization. asked for feedback from employers and discussed this topic with human resource professionals in the agricultural industry. We thought it would be helpful for you to understand some of employers’ pet peeves so you can avoid them and put your best foot forward.


Starting a new job can be overwhelming. You are learning a new company, new role and meeting many new people. Employers don't think you will memorize every new face and task assigned, but they do expect you to take notes and keep track of deadlines. Whether it is a large group or a simple face-to-face meeting with your manager, it is essential to come prepared with a paper and pen for note taking.

Taking notes helps you recall details, reminds you of your responsibilities and sends a positive message to your supervisor. An employee that follows directions is better able to work independently and builds trust with their manager. Go over your notes and set reminders for yourself when projects are due. Your supervisor won't be sending reminders for deadlines looming.

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