Study Finds Most Workers Actively Seeking New Opportunities

Roy Maurer

New research rejects the commonly held belief that currently employed workers are not looking for new jobs, an important distinction that informs how companies approach their recruiting strategy.

Indeed’s Talent Attraction Study, conducted within the United States among more than 8,000 adults in the spring of 2015, reveals that 71 percent of people in the labor force are actively seeking or are open to a new job, and 90 percent of people hired within the past year actively searched for work prior to being hired. Only 10 percent of people hired within the last year received a job offer without looking at all.

“No one is passive about their career in 2015,” said Tara M. Sinclair, chief economist for job search company Indeed. “While the industry has traditionally believed employed candidates are passive and not actively looking for new jobs, many employers have already moved on from this notion and dubbed it an antiquated way of thinking.”

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