The Empathetic Rejection Email Example


Once in a while we come across a rejection email that stops us in our tracks. This time we found a rejection email with a very human tone. One that read as empathetic and friendly and “softened the blow” to the candidate.

In fact the candidate who posted it on social media said the following;

“This is the nicest rejection letter I’ve ever seen. I’m not even mad that I didn’t get the role! (I understand I’m still potentially in the running, but I prefer to manage my expectations towards reality rather than hope so I don’t get disappointed.)”

Hi [Candidate Name],

We want you to know that a human being (me) has evaluated your information and that we greatly appreciate you spending your valuable time taking an interest in this role.

To set expectations with you and not leave you feeling like you are in a black hole of disrespect, the response to our posting has been strong and we may not circle back around with you if we continue to see the current volume of highly accomplished executives from the technology industry; even though technology experience is not required.

Thanks again and if we dont touch base further, I wish you luck in your search.

Emails like this make job hunting less grueling and dehumanizing to job seekers.

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