There are only 3 types of interview questions. Here are your answers.

Penelope Trunk

Now that I’ve read, and re-read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’m more conscious about what I keep and what I throw out. I’m hard-core now. Most birthday cards go in the garbage; we have a lot of birthdays and I saved the cards since when I was five years old, and believe me, I didn’t need to.

But I took a look at this card and I couldn’t throw it out. It’s touching because it is so typical of my husband. He is an ISTP so he’s very detailed about his physical world, he’s accurate and he sees everything. This is a peek inside his brain and it’s so true that it feels intimate.

I put the card in a box to save. And then, because I write about careers, I thought: The qualities of this card are the exact qualities we look for in a job interview. Our goal in an interview is to be so effortlessly true to who we are that the hiring manager can’t help but feel a connection to us.

So I got to thinking that you can divide job interview questions into three types, and each type is a way for you to take control of the conversation and show the interviewer who you are.

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