Top 15 Things Not To Include In A Resume

Allison Doyle

There are some things that simply don’t belong on your resume. Including them can get your resume knocked out of consideration for a job before it gets a thorough review.

You might think you’re giving the employer many reasons to hire you, but when it comes to resume writing there is such a thing as too much information. Employers are looking for reasons to screen out applicants when reviewing a batch of resumes in order to produce a manageable group of candidates to interview.

Make sure that you don't include the wrong information, which is anything which might lead the company to conclude that you are not motivated or qualified to do the job. Review information on how employers decide which applicant to hire before starting work on your resume.

30 Seconds to Make an Impression

Recruiters can take as little as thirty seconds to conduct an initial review of your resume. You should avoid cluttering your document with unnecessary information which might make it harder for the employer to find the most qualifying elements of your background.

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