What to do after a company unexpectedly wants to recruit you

Megan santos

The hiring process is a collaborative effort for both the job seeker and employer. Typically, people are accustomed to seeing applicants initiate the conversation. They find the job posting, they tailor their applications, they reach out to hiring managers and hope to hear back.

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But what happens when conversation is started from the employer’s end? Meaning, you receive the red-bubbled notification in your LinkedIn inbox, or you’re handed a recruiter’s business card and told to “be in touch.” To say the least, it’s a feeling that’s pleasantly unexpected and flattering.

Below are three next-steps to consider after you receive that “we want you” message from a recruiter.

Don’t make rash decisions

Remember the life lesson we were taught in elementary school: Think before you act. Although it may be tempting, don’t prepare your interview attire, or toss the recruiter’s message in the trash just yet.

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