Why Losing Your Job Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to You

Justin Bariso

Getting fired or laid off can be a devastating experience. It's more than the sudden loss of income; there's the blow to one's self-confidence and the sudden feeling of instability.

But if this is your situation, or if you're in danger of losing your job, Roy Choi has some timely advice for you.

Choi is an award-winning chef and co-owner of seven restaurants. He's the creator of Kogi, an uber-popular gourmet Korean taco truck, which led to his reputation as "the godfather of the food truck movement."

But you might be surprised to learn the backstory that led to Choi's success:

It all began back in 2008, when he lost his job as a restaurant chef. Ask Choi about the experience, and he definitely sees it as life-changing.

That is, it changed his life for the better.

"Odds are, there's something that's talking to you, there's something that's tugging at you," Choi said in a recent interview with Inc. "And I'm sure a lot of you have those feelings...You're sitting at your desk and you're working, and you have these great ideas, but sometimes you don't trust them."

"Hopefully it doesn't take your whole life collapsing for you to hear it, like it did for me," he continues. But it takes something to shatter, where you completely open up to this idea, and listen to the idea, and trust it, and trust your gut, your instinct, and actually go out and execute it."

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