10 Ways to Make Your Boring Job Exciting Again


It can be hard to be enthusiastic about your job after you’ve been at it for a while. Even if you once found the work exciting, it’s easy to get in a rut.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new job. Sometimes a new perspective is enough. There are so many different things you can try to help make your old job feel a little more exciting.

1. Change your routine.

One of the first steps toward shaking things up is to look at your routine. Do you really need to check email first thing in the morning? Is there a reason teams always meet at a certain time or with a specific frequency? Start by questioning assumptions about the way you’ve gotten used to doing things. Then, change it up a bit.

2. Goof off a little with some work pals.

It’s important to take your work seriously, but that doesn’t mean you have to take yourself too seriously. Goofing off at work, as long as things aren’t taken too far, can actually help to support your career. Happiness matters. And, it’s important to have fun at work — it boosts performance. So, allow yourself to have some laughs and some fun with friends at work from time to time. It could really help turn your mood around.

3. Set some goals.

Having goals that extend above and beyond your normal day-to-day routines can help you stay motivated. But, not all bosses are great at working with you to establish meaningful aims and benchmarks. So, take it upon yourself to pick some goals. Choose goals you can meet, but also ones that will require a bit of a push. Try setting some milestones connected to larger goals that you can celebrate along the way, too.

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