2018 ASSP Salary Survey

Maximize your earning potential by using well-founded safety industry research to prove your value.

About the Safety Industry Salary Survey

Published every two to three years — in collaboration with Board of Certified Safety Professionals — the industry salary survey assesses the compensation trends of approximately 10,000 occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals. You can use this information to maximize your earning potential by:

  • Correlating salary with experience, education and credentials so you can calculate your potential salary and gain insight on how to earn a higher salary
  • Offering you a tool to share with your company leaders to prove your value, as well as highlight the importance of the safety profession and its role within any organization.

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How Safety Professionals Can Earn Higher Pay

The salary survey consistently shows that occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals have higher earning potential not only if they have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher, but also have obtained one or more of the following certifications from other highly regarded OSH organizations:

While ASSP does not certify safety professionals with the above credentials, we offer top-quality certification preparation courses to help you pass the exams. Plus, you can use our numerous continuing education offerings to earn the credits you need to maintain your certifications.

Interactive Salary Calculator

Populate the interactive salary calculator with your own personal data, like any OSH certifications you’ve obtained, your education level, years of experience, geographical location, employer size and more, to calculate your potential salary based on broader survey data.

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